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About Us

Osseo Scientific, LLC is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest Dental Handpieces, Contra Angles and attachments, as well as Bone Drills and Bone Grafters with unique features that reduce heat during Implant preparation and enhance integration. We are committed to technological innovation and up to date manufacturing technology. This, Combined with a highly professional workforce, enables us to deliver and distribute products and services that give our customers the advantages necessary for today's practice at affordable prices.

Among our stocked products of Dental Equipment are Dental handpieces such as :

  • • Low Speed Handpiece and Low Speed Dental Handpiece Repair
  • • High Speed Handpiece and High Speed Dental Handpiece Repair
  • • Prophy Handpiece
  • • Hygiene Handpiece
  • • Endo Handpiece
  • • Dental Scaler Handpiece
  • • Dental Electric Handpiece and Dental Electric Motor
  • • 1:1 Straight Nose Cone, 1:4 Straight Nose Cone, Prophy Nose Cone
  • • 1:1 Contra Angle, 1:4 Contra Angle, 1:16 Contra Angle, 1:24 Contra Angle
  • • Many Brands of Dental Latch Heads, Mini Latch Heads and Endo Latch Heads
  • • Bone Drills
  • • Bone Grafters
  • • Dental Handpiece Repair of All Our Dental Handpieces , Contra Angle and Attachments.